Welcome to SAU 15 – Auburn, Candia, Hooksett

SAU #15 school districts believe the roots of a great community lie in the strength of the educational system that molds today’s children into tomorrow’s leaders. Our schools are child centered and provide high-quality, rigorous instruction that engages and challenges students in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary for the 21st century.
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Welcome to SAU 15 – Auburn, Candia, Hooksett

SAU 15 News

  • STEM

    SAU 15 STEM Team

    Date: August 24, 2015

    Teachers and administrators from each of the five schools have been hard at work this summer developing a variety of STEM lessons for the 2015 – 2016 school year. STEM is the interdisciplinary approach to learning that removes the traditional barriers separating the four disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and integrates them into REAL-WORLD, RIGOROUS, And RELEVANT learning experiences for students. STEM has increasingly become a means for critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication, problem solving and global citizenship. We are pleased to incorporate this important approach into our K-8 academic programming. Read More

  • PD Committee Members Cheryl Caake (Auburn), Karen Murray (Hooksett), Cheryl St. Pierre (Candia)

    SAU 15 Professional Development

    Date: June 27, 2014

    SAU 15 believes high quality professional development is critical to the success of our students, faculty, and schools in the districts of Auburn, Candia, and Hooksett. High quality, successful professional development leads to professional competence and directly impacts instructional practices, student learning and achievement. This year, the SAU 15 Professional Development Committee has been hard at work on the development of the new 5-year Master Plan. The committee includes the following members: Cheryl Caake (Auburn), Cheryl St. Pierre (Candia), Karen Murray (Underhill), Beth Curran (Memorial), Kelly Martino (Cawley), Christine Gialousis (Administration) Drew Bairstow (Administration), Kim Royer (School Board), Trisha Korkosz (Community)... Read More

  • Danielson

    SAU 15 Teacher Effectiveness and Evaluation Committee

    Date: June 23, 2014

    In October 2013, the SAU #15 Teacher Effectiveness and Evaluation Committee was formed to create a collaborative evaluation model leading to improved teaching performance and increased academic achievement. A group of 24 teachers and administrators worked throughout the year to critically research different evaluation models to determine the most comprehensive components for teacher advancement. The committee used the reports of the New Hampshire Task Force for Effective Teaching as a foundation for their work. One key aspect outlined in the Task Force Phase II Report is that the State Model System contains five major components – the four domains of professional... Read More

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    • High School Information Night Video

      September 13, 2015

      Phil HS Night

      On September 10 there was a presentation regarding the transition to high schools for parents of the Cawley class of 2016.  View the video of the presentation. Read More

    • Underhill Destination ImagiNation is BACK!

      October 13, 2015

      Yes, we are ready to form Underhill DI Rising Star! Teams. These teams are non-competitive but may choose to perform at the Regional Meet in March. Destination ImagiNation is a wonderful, nationwide program that helps kids develop a unique and critical skill set by emphasizing: Creativity Problem Solving Teamwork Brainstorming Project Management Time Management Knowledge Application Collaboration Research Skills Presentation... Read More