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Professional Development

SAU 15 believes high quality professional development is critical to the success of our students, faculty, and schools in the districts of Auburn, Candia, and Hooksett. High quality, successful professional development leads to professional competence and directly impacts instructional practices, student learning, and achievement.

SAU 15 Committee

Auburn: Cheryl Kaake

Candia: Victoria Brown

Hooksett: Sue Salcito, Kailey Crockett, Margaret Collins

Administration: Matthew Benson (Hooksett Principal), Christine Osborne (Hooksett Director of Student Services)

SAU: Meghan Largy

SAU 15 PD Plan

SAU 15 Professional Development Plan

Professional Development Opportunities

Links to Professional Development Opportunities

PD Forms

Click on a form title to open the form in Google Drive.  You will need to make a copy of the form to make any changes.

SAU 15 Professional Development Activity Form

SAU 15 Professional Development 3-year Cycle Review Form

SAU 15 Individual Professional Development Plan

SAU 15 Portfolio Evidence Reflection Form

CEU Professional Development Log


The Latest From SAU 15

Hooksett School Board Recording Secretary

May 7, 2024

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